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Hi, I am Lorna M. Walker the Founder and Managing Manager of LOMAYWA, LLC Internet Marketing.

The mother of one daughter and Grand-Mother of three: One girl and two boys.

Retired Computer Systems Developer, now Webmaster/Marketer

Lorna M. Walker
​​Our ongoing reviews and modification of the Business Ideas, Marketing Ideas, Marketing Tools and Tools Reviews we make available on our website is to ensure the information is current, accurate and complete.  We regularly make adjustments to enable continuous improvement of the information on our website.   As a result we have consistently achieved or exceeded our desired goals. 

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​​LOMAYWA Internet Marketing is an innovative marketing company that focuses on Web Marketing and Development Ideas.  We utilize the best of the old and modern internet marketing methodoligies and technologies for online business development, marketing and marketing tools to drive "targeted" traffic from all corners of the web to our affiliations business or offers to ensure our marketing campaigns achieve the desired results.

We are the Best Source on the web where you will find cohesive internet business ideas for website development and cohesive online marketing ideas that give a big picture view and understanding of what it takes to create a successful online presence.  We make available cohesive ideas for online business development and innovative online marketing ideas for beginners that facilitate the laying down of a strong business foundation to aid beginning marketers to develop, implement and maintain an internet business on a strong foundation.
​​At Lomaywa Web Marketing Ideas, we want to help the newbie marketer not be overwhelmed with the massive amount of information available when beginning an online business. Getting started on the internet and building a website can be difficult and gaining a customer base from scratch is even harder. With our cohesive web development and marketing ideas,  as well as, advertising tactics, you will be able to capitalize by using the internet in smart ways. Customers can start benefiting from these ideas, today! 

Make available effective cohesive web marketing ideas as well as marketing strategies for beginners and effective marketing tools to the newbie affiliate marketer in an ethical manner.   
We accomplish this by following the principles of "HIT"- Honesty in what we do, Integrity in how we do it and with Truthfulness.

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