MIdea #1- Article Marketing Ideas and Writing Tips

Written By Walter Lorna Walker
Article Marketing Websites

There are numerous article marketing websites all you need to do is to search the internet and you will see them all.  If you would like to use any from the following list you are welcome to do so. 
Articlebase - http://articlebase.com/
Articlecity - http://articlecity.com/
Article Dashboard - http://articledashboard.com/
Article Snatch -    http://articlesnatch.com/
Article World -     http://articleworld.net/
Ezine Articles - http://ezinearticles.com/
Go Articles - http://goarticles.com/
Interesting Articles - http://interestingarticles.com/
Search Warp - http://searchwarp.com/
Sooper Articles - http://sooperarticles.com/
Article Writing Websites

If you think you are not a good writer and would prefer to have your article professionally written, a few Article writing websites are listed below.  Check them out.

Odesk - http://odesk.com/
Pro Article Writing - http://proarticlewriting.com/
Hire Writers - http://hirewriters.com/
99 cent articles - http://www.99centarticles.com/index.php

Article Marketing Ideas and Article Advertising Tips makes available article marketing  strategy, article writing tips and tools to assist new internet marketers implement article marketing strategy that will continuously drive FREE targeted traffic to their website on autopilot.

When you write and submit quality articles to article submission websites consistently every week the traffic to your website will continuously increase automatically.

Apply the article writing tips and article marketing strategy outlined below and watch as the traffic to your website increase exponentially and your revenue follow suite.

13 Article Writing Tips

In general, article website owners prefer that you are the original author of the article(s) you submit to their sites, to prevent the same article from being submitted by different people.  If articles were provided to you change or paraphrase the heading and some of the body to make it somewhat unique.

Most Article Marketing websites will give you free articles you may want to review some of them to stimulate your thoughts.

Article Marketing Strategy

​1. Write an article that addresses an issue your prospective customer has and direct them to your product that will resolve that issue.

2. Write a 300 to 350 word article based on your keyword(s).  Include your keyword often but, not excessively.

3. Write the article enticingly to make the reader want to find out more.

 4. Send the user back to your website with a free offer, ideally a rebranded report with your links in it pertaining to the issue you are writing about.

5. Write the Author Biography as if you were writing an ad with a call to action.

6. Place your link at the end of the article not in the body.

7. Use your keyword(s) in the Author Biography.

8. Place your link in the Author Biography.

9. Submit both the Article and Bio to as many article directories, ezine publishers and announcement lists as possible.

10. If possible initially post the article every day for at least 30 days consecutively and every week thereafter.

11. Repeat steps 1 - 11 for every website you have to compound your exposure exponentially.