Idea #10 Use Your Strengths and Passions

As a child how many times did you hear No! No! No! until your strenght and passions was stifled. Are you ready to use your strengths and passions to guide your choices? Are you ready to stop drifting along with everyday life like most people do? One thing is sure today is the first day of the rest of your life. Here is your another opportunity to let your strengths and passions guide you and for you to make your vocation your vacation starting today... 

 How to identify your Passions  
Set aside some quiet time in order to reflect on what you have been doing with your life. Make a list of all the activities which you have been doing and which you enjoy very much. After creating that list, highlight the ones which matter to you the most. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself doing these activities to the best of your abilities and possibly even turning it into a business. Don’t forget to note down or sketch what you envisioned.

 For example, you currently work at a bank but you love teaching your nephew on how to play the guitar after work. You can envision owning a music school and even selling custom-made guitars. Remember that anything is possible and practical, as long as you set concrete steps and realistic expectations in achieving your goals.

 Make your Vocation your Vacation  
 Sit down with friends and brainstorm, visualize and paint a picture of what you can do with your life if you only maximize the strengths and passions which you have already identified. For example, you are well known to be the type who is organized, creative, and that you have a green thumb. Your friend may tell you that he or she can see you as an owner of a successful flower shop or an event organizer that specializes in floral arrangements.With your strengths identified and the best fitting business type determined That’s when you know that you can create a job that seems like you are on vacation for your vocation. 
Strengths and Passions Our Best Compass
 Use Your Strengths and Passions to Guide your choices instead of drifting with the current of everyday life like most people tend to do.  One thing is certain, today is the first day of the rest of your life.  This means you have the opportunity to Let Your Strengths and Passions Guide Your Choices and make your vocation your vacation for the rest of your life starting today.

  Many people do a job they are not happy doing day in and day out, just to meet the necessities of life and miss what is important to them.  If you want to enjoy your job and your life there really isn't anything stopping you. In order for you to break out of an unsatisfactory life, you have to use your strengths and passions to make your vocation your vacation.
  All over the world, there are many success stories of people who bravely stood up and worked hard for their passion by maximizing their strengths. With careful planning and the right guidance, you will certainly be able to pursue and accomplish your dreams of enjoying what you do for a living.

  How to Identify your Strengths  
Not being able to recognize their strength is a big setback for many people. The best way to identify your strengths is to ask the people closest to you what they think your five strengths are. Ask at least three people.  Make a list of all their answers and then compare them to see which ones are mentioned multiple times. 

 Then sit with a piece of paper and try to recall all the things you do that you really enjoy doing that comes naturally, doesn't require much thought or effort from you, and you could do them for hours and don't notice the time passing, write those down.  Think of any achievements awards you received, no matter how big or small they may be, see which are related to the strength you have identified. Then compare your list with the other list and see which of those match.  This will assure you that those are most likely your biggest strengths. Now you can hone and maximize these strengths.