#11 Stay Focused and Master One Thing

WStay focused on your purpose and be consistent until you master that one thing.  Then enjoy the fruits of your labor before going to something else is crutial to you achieving any desires you have. Guard against getting distracted by all the superfluous noise of the internet that could cause you to loose your focus and stray away from your intended purpose... 

If you were to master one thing each month for one year you will become master of 12 things.  Just think of it, if you allow yourself to be distracted by all the hype and don't Stay Focused you will master nothing and waste another year jumping from one thing to the next.  Even if you only mastered one thing in that year and know it very well, then utilize it successfully you will be in the money a year later☺ Now just Imagine what would happen if you did not Stay Focused and Master One Thing. 

  To truly achieve success with whatever it is you are doing you will have to Master One thing and be very good at it. You will need to Stay Focused and ignore all the distractions that will continuously bombard you on the internet.  There will always be something else that you think might be better for you or you would be better at but, you will not get good at anything by jumping from one thing to another without first focusing on one thing and sticking with it to the end. 
Define yourpurpose, align it in your sight and with laser like focus, aim for your purpose and stick with it until you accomplish it, and know how to duplicate it very will by mastering that one thing.  Then enjoy your success for a while before moving on to something else.
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Stay Focused Manage Distractions Master One Thing
Stay Focused on your purpose, Manage Distractions and Master One Thing before moving on to something else will enable you to achieve whatever you desire. With all the distractions and the superfluous noise of the internet, you have to diligently guard against getting stared away from achieving your goals.  The internet is a very noisy place with so many people touting their wares as the next big thing, getting distracted by all that hype can prevent you from achieving your desired results.  You need to stay focused and stick with one thing before you moving on to something else.
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If you are not getting the results you want from your marketing efforts and you are tempted to move on to something else, it is in your best interest to stay focused on   what you are doing until you get the results you want. Find out what you need to do to get your desired results and do it.  Identify what you do that  gives you the results you want and repeat it over

and over again, consistency and repetition is key to success.  Then identify what you are doing that does not get you the result you want and stop doing that.  It is not unusual for you to get frustrated and want to try something else when it seems you are doing all you can but still your desired results eludes you but, you need to push through any desire to move on and stay with whatever it is you are doing until you have mastered it.  You need to Master One Thing and enjoy the results before moving on to something else.