#12 Follow a Strategic Marketing Plan

Develop or purchase a proven systematic marketing plan that provide a marketing template and allow for modifications.   Identify your daily activities, initially set up and prioritize your marketing activities and goals once. Then all you need to do is adjust according to different marketing campaigns.  Consistently follow this schedule exactly.  Then witness the daily improvement in your business as the consistent activities become effective…

You should see continuous improvements in your results by just repeating the same process every day.
The marketing plan template should be easily modifiable so you are able to nimbly adjust to any changes. 
Having a systematic marketing plan is very helpful with so many things to do and so little time to do them,  Especially when you are running a business and you are doing everything yourself.  You need to have a schedule of your daily activities to help you stay on top of everything you need to do and remind you what is important and when to do them.  

Consistently Follow a Systematic Marketing Plan
Having a Systematic marketing Plan provide you with direction and purpose.  They are two of the most necessary factors in achieving any desires.  Get a systematic marketing plan template and develop a systematic marketing plan of action that will enable you to reach your desired goals and consistently follow it, exactly.  Repetition and consistency are what produces results. Your systematic marketing plantemplate should enable you to identify and prioritize your daily activities and goals. One that outline all the activities you need to repeatedly perform daily and once you have set it up and determine it is producing the results you want all you need to do is consistently follow it exactly and you will achieve the expected results consistently.  Then watch as your business continuously improve.

An Effective Systematic Action Plan Template should include:
 Steps-by-step instructions how to set up and modify the daily activities to achieve the desired daily marketing goals.
It should automate most of the steps to implement the system and once implemented only minor changes should need to be done.