Set Lofty Goals and Create A Strategic Plan

Setting Your Goals

Strategize your goals

Setting Lofty Goals and having a strategic plan that will enable you to achieve your desired goals give you direction and purpose and setting short term goals keep you on track to achieve your commitments and deadlines.  When you achieve a goal it gives you an accomplishment and in so doing, makes you feel self-assured and satisfied this gives you encouragement to achieve more goals.  When you Set Lofty Goals and have a strategic plan that will facilitate you reaching that goal you will be able to identify, outline and monitor the activities that will enable you to accomplish whatever goals you have.  

Why You Should Set Goals

Setting long term goals give you direction and purpose and setting short term goals keeps you on track with your commitments and deadlines so you can achieve your goals. It is appropriate to set both short term and long term goals to avoid procrastination. Two key ingredients to ensure you stick with your short term and long term goals are proper planning and discipline. Developing a systematic strategic plan will assist you in keeping on track with both.

Example of goals setting strategies:

I would first write down my ultimate goal, yes the long term goal of my life. I will make sure this long term goal is realistic; one that propels me to stay focused and move towards it. Let’s say my long term goal is to become a successful affiliate marketer. I would break that down into small components called short term goals. But short term goals will not appear right away. I would need to create a flexible plan to achieve them. I will break my long term goal into a set of assignments and steps. Most importantly I will allocate a suitable timeline for each of the steps to ensure I do not get disheartened. Smaller time scales also help to make the plan flexible.

Remember, my long term goal is to become a successful affiliate marketer. Let’s break this goal into small steps.  I want to have $100,000.00 in my bank account by December 2018. For December 2018 goal to work, I will further divide it into measurable small stages of monthly goals. From now to December 2018, I have 15 months. By dividing $100,000 by 15 months I will need to make $6666 per month. This calculation makes it clear that I must earn $6666 per month to reach my goal of having $100,000.00 in my account by December 2018. I will further divide my short term monthly goals to weekly tasks. Every week, I must make $1666 to reach my target. So there it is I now have a weekly short term goal. Further dividing this number by 7 (days in a week) I know that I must earn $238 per day to reach my goal. So you see now I clearly know that I have to make $238 per day to achieve my long term goal. With a systematic strategic plan you would only have to do this elaborate planning once and then all you have to do is refer to your personal strategic plan.

With this information, my goals setting strategies would be to earn $238 per day. This includes working as an affiliate marketer for many clients, tweaking my marketing methods periodically as needed and many other similar strategies. I will make sure I refer to my systematic strategic plan to review my long term and short term goals regularly to see I’m on track with deliverables and achievements.

By having a goal setting systematic strategic plan of action outlining these small stepping stones (short term goals) it will be easier for you to accomplish your goals every day, every week, every month leading you away from "your life before" in the direction of "your life after" which is your ultimate long term goals.