Know Your Target Audience and Create Marketing Plan

Know Your Target Audience

Understand your target market

The next step would be to get an understanding of your target audience. This will help you to know where to promote your product/service including advertising and publicity. Make a list of your target customers and prepare a customer profile and a thorough marketing research. Once you are clear about this, prepare a detailed profile on each of your target groups. The more you know your customers, the better you can satisfy them.

Analyze your competitors
Know your competitors. Get answers to questions like what is your product/service? How is theirs better than yours? Who is their target audience? What is their pricing compared to yours? After having answers to all of these, we can think of increasing or lowering our prices.
Write your Sales Plan
It would now be appropriate to write up a sales plan for your product/service. Think about how to approach your target market and the sales methods required for each target market. This will accordingly generate a good advertising and promotion plan as well.   The products and services presented on this website should give a good idea of its target audience and the products and services that will appeal to our audience in masses.

Before you create or choose a product or service, it is important to define your target audience.  The people for whom the product or service is intended. In today’s competitive world, it is important to really know and understand the requirements of the people you want to present your product or service to.  Who they are and What they want so, you can present the best of the product or service they want or need but, not many people are presenting...
Know Target Audience and Create Targeted Marketing Plan
Define the target audience for your business and create a market plan to target the masses of that audience by presenting the best of a product or service to the most of those potential customers whose wants or needs you have identified and are selling.

 Before you create or choose your products and services, it is important to define your target audience for whom the product or service is actually intended otherwise mass marketing will not serve its purpose.  In today’s competitive world, it is important to know and understand customer requirements to stay ahead.  As Charles Darwin rightly put it, "Only the fittest survives"  Following are a few steps in the process.
Write a description of your product/service:
It is important to write a brief description of your product/service to help the average person understand its purpose. It is important that you keep the customer in mind while writing this description. You need to stress the product's Benefits to the customer NOT to you.

If you have a special interest in a product or service, that might be advantageous in that you might market it more passionately but, that should not be your primary focus.  Your primary focus should be an emphasis on finding the best of a product or service that many people want or need but not many people are selling.