MIdea #10 - Blog Marketing and Blogging Strategies

Written By Lorna Walker
Blogs are usually used to advertise your website because, they are easy to crawl and get ranked by search engines. blogs are liked by the search engines the information is continuously being updated so the content of a Blog is usually current while the content of a website may remain static and google loves current information.
     Blog Marketing Ideas and blogging strategies is developed to give beginning marketers an overview of what Blog Marketing is and make available blogging Ideas how to blog successfully. For those of you who don’t know what a Blog is. The name Blog is the contraction of web-logs.  It is a kind of personal Journal that is available to the public and is generally updated daily.  The format of a blog will most likely reflect the author’s personality as it is, more often than not, maintained by its owner who may or may not be an IT professional.