MIdea #12 - Viral Marketing Ideas for Beginners

Written By Lorna Walker
More to come!
Viral Advertising Ideas for Beginners is designed to give new marketers an overview of what is viral advertising. We explain how to get your marketing message to go viral on the internet and make available five viral advertising tips to advertise your product. These viral marketing ideas can assist the new internet marketer to implement viral marketing strategies into your marketing campaigns to drive FREE targeted traffic to your website.

Viral Marketing is a traffic generation method that facilitate the fast spreading of a message, product or service on the internet. Passing along your message virally can be done through a various different mediums: Video; Website; Social Media; or Word of Mouth etc.

For Your advertising message to go viral it must:

1) Strongly agitate others emotions
Whatever it is that goes viral needs to be catching and whip up the emotions of hoard of the people seeing it. It must affect the viewer in a way that causes them to go wild and want to share the information that is causing their euphoria or indignation and talk about it to their friends and family.

2) Motivate others to get involved
Whatever goes viral must capture similar motivation of hoards of other viewers like it did to its creator to induce those viewers to jump on board and spread the word to cause a viral reaction.

3) Easily transferrable
The cause of the viral effect must be able to be distributed to others easily so that it can be passed on by downloading, forwarding, Q & A, chat about, or by any other means fast and easy.

4) Distribution must be easy
The medium used to pass the information along must be able to handle large volume of people looking at the site simultaneously that going viral generates and it must be readily accessible.

5) Must Be beneficial to viewer
Most importantly, getting on the band wagon has to benefit the viewer for them to forward the source of the viral reaction. If whatever it is that is causing the viral effect is not enough to cause the viewer to pass it along chances it won't go viral. Giving a free gift or a discount might be enough to entice the viewer to continue the viral spread.