MIdea #13 - ​Expired Domain Traffic Marketing Ideas   

Written By Lorna Walker
Domains that were in use for some time before they expired are best as they are more likely to have been getting more traffic than a newly created one. Some might even have been page ranked according to the amount of traffic they got. This could be beneficial to your revenue.
Expired Domain Marketing Ideas shows new marketers how to use expired domain advertising to access and send expired domain traffic to their websites. 

Thousands of domains expire every day that do not get renewed. Some of these domains might have been in existence for some time and was getting a lot of traffic before they expired.  They will continue to get this traffic even though they were not renewed. When you click on a website address that does not take you where you expected to go that click was to an expired domain, also known as, expired domain traffic.

You get expired domain traffic by buying expired domains and redirecting it to your domain. You get expired domain targeted traffic from buying expired domain that was being used for products or services similar to what you are offering and redirecting it to your domain.