MIdea #2 - Classified Marketing Ideas for Beginners

Written By Lorna Walker
You will need to use Classified Advertising websites that have a large enough membership to give your advertisements the amount of traffic they need. You will also, need a premium membership in order to post an unlimited amount of ads on that site's network. Adland Pro has over 100,000.00 member and you get submission of your ads to over 80,000 search directories. The cost of Gold membership is $24.95 per month and that price is locked in for as long as you own the membership even if the membership fee increases.
Classified Marketing Ideas for Beginners show new marketer how to use classified advertising to drive "targeted traffic" to their website automatically. Classified advertising get targeted traffic when people find your advertisement while they are looking for what you are offering so, when they find what they are looking for they are usually ready, willing and able to buy.

 Every Marketer knows that in order to generate sales they have to get massive amount of "Targeted" traffic to their offer, and the biggest problem they face every day is how to generate that "Targeted" traffic. That is, how to get people who are looking to buy what they are selling to see their products and services.

Classified Advertising is more effective as a long term strategy as it is a slow process that gain momentum over time, you need to be patient and stick with it. You need to post several ads, about 4 or 5 daily, 6 days a week and watch as your sales slowly start coming in and increasing over time. The wait is worth it because, you only post the ads once and they stay there for years while your sales continue for years as well.