MIdea #8 -   ​SEO Marketing Ideas and Strategies  

Written By Lorna Walker
Build content on your site with no more than 10 keywords/adwords per page pertaining to the information on your site. 
Place keywords near the top and at the bottom of the page, in the Page Title, H1 title, Meta Tag near links
Crate Backlinks to Your Site.
Write as many articles as you can and distributing them to as many free article sites to create links back to your site. 
For complete article marketing strategies go here. 
 Search Engine Optimization - (SEO) advertising is the methods and tactics used to increase a website's likelihood of getting vast amount of "Targeted Traffic". Optimizing your website according to Google's standards of using AdWords or search phrases keyed into a browser to get your website listed among the top 10 entries shown are based on three Key factors: Keywords, Backlinks and Traffic.

Keywords - Search engines uses the keywords from your site to match the keyword typed in a browser.

Backlinks - Search engines use the links that are coming to your web site (backlinks) to determine the importance of your site by the PageRank (PR) of the domains linked to your website.

Traffic - Search engines uses the volume of "Traffic" (visitors or clicks) your site gets to determine the popularity of your site compared to other sites using the same keywords.